Form - validation rule

Hi Community,

My goal:

Use a form / validation rule to find if in a long text the first word is for instance “SELECT”, if the first work is not that word, I will block the submit button with an appropriate message.

Have tried:

  • Pipe with “startwith” - Didn’t work
  • Equation text function - Didn’t work.

How to:

  • How to do it ?


Hi Eric-

The validation rules in the form Page Builder only allows the starts with…not “does not start with” option.

I am not sure if a work around…I also don’t know how your app is created for this functionality.

If you are unfamiliar with for validation rules you can go into your form in the Page Builder, selecting “Rules” then selecting the text filed and then “starts with”. This will default to “custom” and then a form filed you can type in your word.

Add a message when it doesn’t start with select

You can reference this similar post:

For the regex value, simply use this: