Formatting number after changing field type

Howdy, awesome community peeps.

I recently changed a Number field to a Slider because it’s a better option for my form.
Problem is that all my existing records show with a decimal. So what used to say 5, is now 5.0000000000

Any ideas on how to fix these to display properly? I thought about a pipe of some sort, but any new records might be negatively affected.

Thank you!

This is very interesting and actually seems to be a bug with the display. It’s not supposed to show the trailing 0’s. This happens since the number fields store trailing 0’s even if they’re not being displayed. (for data integrity issues).

If necessary let me know and we can try and resolve this for you manually on our end until we roll out a fix. Your field will still work correctly when displayed in forms btw.

@moe that would be great. There are two fields - height (feet) and height (inches) so it looks really strange to display them with the extra zeros.

Thank you!