Forumlas to count within a table

Not really sure if this is a “How Do I?” or a “Suggestion Box” question but I want to be able to count how many records fit a certain criteria within a data table (itself) and get the number as a usable field. Like how cards can count records within a data table without needing to reference a connected field. I’m looking for that functionality if that makes sense.

Leaving this here for others to find, but it’s app variables in the app settings!

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This should work.

Another tip might be to create a table called “Reports” and add a connection from “Shows” to Reports. You don’t actually have to connect any records for this to work, but there must be a connection present.

In Reports table create a complex formula (Count, for example) but be sure to uncheck the “Only for records connected to this record.”

If you don’t have many thousands of records this can maybe work for you with just a single record in that reports table. I would not recommend doing this if you have many thousands of records in the shows table, it can cause a bit of a lag.

Hi @Moe, I appreciate this post is 2 years old and the product has evolved so is this an option Alpha options or since deprecated? As I can’t see it in the Count Complex Formula page?

I’m interested in obtaining a value of the number of records in a Pages table…


as I want to use that to sequence and create a versioning system.

I tried Tim’s method too with App Vars but that returns a blank value for some reason.