Go to details page after form submit

Hi community, is there a way to go to a specific details page after the form is submitted from anywhere on the app.

Right now I only have 3 options on submitting form rules:
2-Existing page

Thanks for your help!

Hi @kruizf201,

Just want to clarify…are you interested in redirecting a details page of the form’s record or a details page for a different record?

If you have a relevant details page - ie. if the form is submitting Tasks, you’ll need a Task Details page already created - the option to redirect will be under 2. Existing Page.

If you’d like to redirect to the details of a different record, you can use the third option by entering the URL of the record detail page you wish to view. Please keep in mind that this is a static value and you would redirected to the same record detail every time.

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Thanks @tim.young for your fast reply!

I’m trying to do something like this:

I have a form, and under the form I have a table, this table has a detail page, the idea is that after submit the form go to the detail page created

You can check it here:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tim.young

I just solved this issue, I’m using the API and Webhooks, I’m creating a POST request with ajax, then when the record is created at Tadabase I get “recordId” as response, when the POST is done I trigger a function using window.location = [my URL to details page]/data.responseId and send the user there

With Webhooks I can protect API keys and track errors, as well block malicious API calls, this is my code

TB.render(‘component_14’, function(data) { //Express

$('#x_element_page_320_14').on('click', function(){
      url: "https://webhook.site/mqp-nueva-orden?tipo=Express&restaurante={pageField.ID}&usuario={loggedInUser.API}",
      method: "POST",
    }).done(function(data) {
      window.location = '/restaurantes/tipo-de-orden/{pageField.ID}/orden/' + data.responseText;
    }).fail(function(data) {
      alert('Hay un error con Javascript');