Goal Seek function from Excel VBA in Tadabase - Javascript?


i currently have a calculation sheep in Excel-VBA which contains "Goal Seek’ functions, e.g. to automatically calculate the necessary inputs which are needed to get a desired result. Is there someone who was experience in converting such a sheet which has these characteristics (through coding) in a Tadabase table?
Or are these types of calculations not possible in Tadabase?


This sounds interesting and I hope someone here can help with this custom code. I’m confident its possible.

I’d love it if you can share more details with a simple example and perhaps even the equations to make this example work.

@moe ,

Yes i hope so. The current sheet is in Excel Macro’s so I hope that someone in the community has enough experience in both Excel macro’s and Tadabase to get this thing going.


Unfortunately, no one could provide me with some guidance to set it up. I created a ticket and provided the example file so that you can see what kind of file it is. I am hoping you can take a glance at it.