Google Data Studio - need testers

We have created a Google Data Studio connector. If you’re open to testing and giving us feedback please contact our support team for the link and instructions.


I want to be a tester in Google Data Studio. How can I do?

I asked Chem the other day and it sounds like it’ll be a few weeks until the connector is ready. Contact support to let them know you’re interested.

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We’re just waiting for Google to add Tadabase as a connector. They said it can take up to 3 weeks.

@tim.young, CONGRATS on the addition. @moe, damn fine addition my friend. Tadabase continues to make thoughtful decisions that will continue to take the industry to new levels by changing the industry paradigm. Keep up the great work Tada Team!


I want to test your connector can you give a link to me ?

Still waiting for Google unfortunately. Will be sure to update this thread when it’s ready. Apologies for the delay!

how much time it takes?

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Still waiting Google Response haha

It has been a long wait and trust me, we’re as excited as everyone else!

Appreciate everyone’s patience. As soon as we hear from Google, I promise we’ll make an announcement.


Hey guys!

Any updates here?

I moved from Power BI to Data Studio.


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As Google is taking their time. I have a question. Does someone have experience with Grafana? Could we use that tool in stead?

Hey @Peter, yes it’s possible to use Grafana. Check it out here - How to setup Grafana + Tadabase

Yes please, im currently using Zapier to Sheets, but only so that I can use Data studio
It would awesome to connect directly . I would love to test

Im interested to test as well. Currently using google sheets so I can use data studio.