Google login to the app

Allow a google login to the app


2nd the OAuth2.0 integration… Any plans?

Belated welcome to you @Shay

Hopefully I’m not speaking out of place here but as far as I know, the team is working on SSO and 2fa as we speak. I believe it’s planned to be done soon.

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@wescar @Shay @tim.young

Like Tim said… This is in the final stages of testing.

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Just to verify - we will also be able to add a 3rd party SSO such as DUO or OKTA - correct? Both are GOVT certified.

Perhaps down the road, but the initial version will consist of some popular SSO providers such as Google, Microsoft (coming soon after), Facebook and Twitter.


This feature has been rolled out allowing users to sign up using SSO and login with SSO (user must have created their account with SSO first)

Which feature are you referring to? Also when will existing users be able to use SSO - as of now only users that signed up via the signup form can use it. Thanks.

I will check on this.

I may have jumped the gun marking this as solved; however, I am going to leave the solution as the feature is nearly complete allowing users to signup with SSO and then login using SSO after sign up.

When the feature is updated to allow switching an existing user from email/password to SSO, I will update this thread.

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Hi @tim.youngany updates regarding this??