Hide dropdown list in form and change text of 'add new record' button

I have a public form as part of my signup process. The new user needs to add their company details at step 2.

How can I hide the dropdown list and keep the ‘+’ button to allow them to click through to add a new record? I’d also like to change text in the button.

I’m assuming when you say Public Form it means they’re not logged in. If they were logged in you can simply limit it to records that belong to them.

@Chem any ideas?

Yes, correct. The user isn’t logged in.

Hi @Dani

Hiding the dropdown list and resizing and updating the text can be done by adding a custom class to the connection field in the form and a bit of CSS added to the page.


  1. Add a CSS Class called full-width-add-new to the CSS Class in design settings.
  2. Add the following code to the CSS section of the page.

CSS Code

.full-width-add-new [ng-click="addNewRecord(field)"]::after {
  content: " Add my company details";

.full-width-add-new button{


@Chem . This gives me an idea for a work-around for getting a pop-up form.

Suppose following use case:
I have an edit details page, this is a job candidate. Suppose I will want to make an appointment for an interview, I could use this solution as a work-around to have a pop-up form for this appointment on this page. One thing though: how do I pass the current record, like candidates name to the appointment pop-up, so the appointment is linked/connected to the record I am currently editing, so making a parent-child case? Would this be possible?

Thanks @Chem this worked perfectly!

Am I not clear here? See above question about passing the current record to the pop-up form

This is a clever idea, but you won’t be able to pass the candidate name to the pop up and there’s no way of using record rules to auto connect it. I’m assuming the candidate is not the logged in user in your case.

We have an update coming soon where you can open a details page in a pop up. I think doing it this way will in fact work since detail pages are connected to their parent. In about a week or so after we roll out the next update we’ll give this a test.

I am really looking out to this. any update? @moe