How do I create a hierarchy of connections

I am trying to create a way to categorize data through a hierarchal system. I’ll use the example data from the documentation to explain what I mean.

The documentation uses the example of a Customer, which has a parent-child relationship with Company, where the child is Company and Customer is parent. So, when you enter a customer, you can then choose what company that customer is associated with.

But, how do I take that further and continue extending those connections? What if I then wanted to create a child of Company that included Departments, and then a child of Departments that included Team Lead? How would I do that?

I have several data tables set up right now with the correct parent-child relationships, but when I go to enter a new “Customer” (sticking with the example), I’m able to choose any “Company,” “Department” and “Team Lead.” Despite setting up the hierarchy, they don’t connect that way when entering new data.

In other words, If I want to add a new Customer Record, who works at ABC Company in the Tech Department and has the Team Lead of Anne Jones, how do I make sure that only the correct associations are displayed? Let’s say I want to add another Customer Record who works at XYZ Company, but they don’t have a Tech Department, nor does anyone named Anne Jones work there. I don’t want to see all the other departments and team leads from all the other companies. I only want to see the accurate data that I’ve set up in my data tables and connections.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

I suggest to create different tables for the hierarchy you need and relate them thru a connected field, like a cascade. Using your example, you have tables & fields in that order company > company, department > department, team lead. You should use a form (using the builder) and editing the fields department as “show department (using the xxx field) that are connected to this form’s Company”, and the same for lead time using “this form’s Department”. That’s the manual process to be sure you are selecting the right team lead according to the company and department master tables.

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Hey, @JennyWright, welcome to our community! :tada:

I made a quick video to explain how you can set this up.


This is perfect! Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed.

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