How do I get the latest entree in a data table

Hi all,

I am out of ideas.

I have a table with exchange rates ordered by date (or autonumber). For now, it is manual input.
This exchange rate I would like to use in another table. So, my idea:

  1. have a table with exchange rates, every now and then I add the latest exchange rate, which I would like to use for any new calculations
  2. connect to the table with expenses in a foreign coin
  3. use a rollup to get the latest entree in the exchange rate table
  4. use an equation to calculate to EUR with the latest exchange rate (through the rollup)

Alas, this doesn’t work because I have no clue how I get the latest entree in the table or how I can filter for that using a rollup.

Someone has any other ideas?

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I have faced the same issue with Purchase Order prices, i.e. the last purchasing price of a material. I have found a workaround which looks quite dumb but does the job so far. I am using table rules or form rules when crating a new Purchase order which updates the “last purchase price” field in the parent (the product which the user is ordering).

I hope there will be some other more direct way to do that in the future because for other applications my workaround doesn`t do the job.


Hi Peter,

When you add a new exchange rate record, you can use Record Rules in your Form to update a field in one of your tables to the latest rate. Here’s an example from one of my forms where I update the Hire Status of a worker from a Status Change Form:

I don’t know the specifics of your application, but I think we have a similar situation with per diem rates. We store only the current rates in a table. Any records that needs to reference the per diem rate copies the current value to a field in its own record and stores it permanently to perform any calculations. When new rates are published we update our table, but any record that was using an old rate has it stored for reference.

Hope that makes sense and helps you with your problem.