How do I hide form fields if a connected field is blank


I am trying to hide some fields in the form (options, text) depending on the
displayed connected field value.

Example if connected field is blank then hide controls… else show controls

I have tried Display rules and java script but it only allow me fields within the
form table’s current fields not from the connected fields.

Thanks in advancce

Hi @alexielim,

Great question!

We have an update coming quite soon that will allow you to assign custom CSS classes to form rows and form columns. Additionally, we’ve updated display rules to show/hide these CSS classes.

In a practical sense, this means you’ll be able to group connected fields in a column or row inside a form and show/hide the entire group based on a selection of a connection field using display rules.

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Hi @tim.young,

Thanks for your response. Great to know such an update will be out soon. Looking forward.

Best Regards