How to best make workflows in Tadabase

Hi community,

I am trying to make workflows in Tadabase. So workflow should be of

  1. Definition of tasks
  2. Button for finishing tasks
  3. Record the user finishing the task and the date/time
  4. Show finished task and unfinished tasks in a clear table view for transparancy.

I have 2 ideas:

  1. Having option field you set to yes when a particular task is finished. This would be a form with yes/no options, but the options have been changed to buttons by CSS (see below), and then use record rules for user, and date.
  2. Working with a table and then use action buttons and record rules to change the unfinished tasks into finished tasks

Approach 1 needs a lot of work on CSS to make it attractive, and I am having issues there because when a task is finished you have to prevent further updating from date and user for this task. (Team Tadabase is working on that).
Approach 2 would need a transposing of the table, because I need a top down, in stead of left right (text in the header would otherwise be too long, then top-down is better as only 1 column is needed for the action buttons). This I couldn’t do with simple JavaScript, probably because the use of Angular.

I am curious how veterans in Tadabase have solved the workflow representation in a Tadabase app. How did you solve this?

An example:

@tim.young could you help here?

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@bgedevteam that is a general statement, not helping. I was hoping to get a feedback from the community. If I was looking for commercial support I would have put it in a different section in the forum.

So generally: I can not be the only one wanting to make workflows, so I still hope to get some pointers from the community how others have solved it. Besides that I am also interested in any feedback from Tadabase. I think this might have been done before.


I may have done something similar. I have 5 sections that need to be completed by the user before they can actually trigger the workflow to submit a patient.
Once they complete each step, the buttons turn green. When all are completed, I show them a Submit Patient button to run the workflow. Here are a couple of screenshots.
If this works, you can find details here: Hide Submit Button Unless all Radio Options are “Yes”

This looks great! I’d love to see more of this.

@mdykstra So if I understand it correctly. The users have to set some options (questions) to yes. Then you created another field, an equation field, which will check for the options to the questions set to yes. This sum-up field turns to active (and thus green) when all conditions are met. If all buttons are green, you have another field to sum-up the sum-up fields. Then with CSS you active the submit button. Is that right? Could you show some behind the screen code here?

@Peter This is really set up more like a multi-step form. Each button on the page above, link to connected pages with a form that required info to be saved. Once the user submits that form, it updates a radio button field to complete. Then, I have a rule to turn the button green if the complete field is “Yes”. The radio buttons are hidden on the primary form so the logic works properly.
Then, there is js on the page that shows the Submit button if all radio buttons are Yes.

Again, this code can be found on this post Hide Submit Button Unless all Radio Options are “Yes”

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 9.15.27 AM