How to filter data by logged in user for connected fields in a form?

Hi Team,
I need to limit the entire data of my application to the logged in user, but I am unsure how to achieve this using connected field.

The field Type below is a connected field:

I need to be able to filter the data that appears in the dropdown list field by logged in user, the same way we filter data in a table component, but I can’t see that option in Filter Records tab

This is exactly how I need to configure the filter for the connected field

Your prompt assistance will be very much appreciated.


The filter option of connected with this record does nothing to a connected record of a user. I was thinking the same as you but @Chem stated it wasn’t so. I am still not clear what that filter option does.


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@sahiraz, can you share the relationship structure/diagram?

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Hi @moe,

Thank you for getting back to me.

My ultimate goal is to be able to share data among users of the same account only. And I was able to achieve this with the Table Component.

Account = Powered By Software
Users = user1 and user2

All users must be assigned to at least one Account
User1 will create a new Area Type
User2 will consume the new Area Type created by the user1.

Here is a snapshot of the data structure for your information

I hope this makes sense.

Hi @SafetyUniversity
I have also tried the current configuration available but it did not make much sense to me to be honest.

Hi @moe
Just checking if you have any updates on this for me?