How to filter for a logged-in user when this field is a rollup field from another table

Case: I have users.
Table 1: jobs, the jobs are connected to recruiters (users).
Table 2: candidates: the candidates are connected to table one through a roll-up for users/recruiters.

What I want to do is show a table component with My candidates (so all candidates connected to the current logged-in recruiter, through the jobs). I cannot filter this component by using the roll-up field, as the option is not shown for this field to filter for the logged-in user.

Is there a work-around - or a better way?

Possibilities in table 2:

Possibilities in table 1:

Hey @Peter,

There are two options here, as shown in our Data Source Filtering Document.

I’ll demonstrate them with your specific example in the following video.

Hi Chem, thanks for the explanation. I have learned from it.

Alas I have a user connected to a job, not a job connected to a user, as you explained it. So I have to rebuild it, in such a way that I don’t disturb how the current application is functioning. It is indeed a 1 to many, so 1 user/recruiter should be connected to several jobs.

Thanks for your thoughts

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If we have companies connected to user, candidates connected to user and the logged company seach candidates with some filter, how may I save the selected candidates on a table?
Or is it better to register company name on candidate record?
Several companies may select same candidate. For that reason I thought of using a table candidate / company, but then I don’t know how to get all the details, just with the code or the email

If I have a table and want to show the candidates selected by a company (the logged in Co.) I just have the option to filter by predefined company code… How to select the code of logged in company or candidate?


so we do not have the option of the logged in co. code. It would be nice to have teh selection of any field of the logged in Co., not just e-mail. Or setup dinamic field that takes the value of the logged in company, customer, candidate, or whatever.

Same if I want to show to candidates the companies that have selected them when they are logged in, filtering the companies that selected them. So why only e-mail is the field used for filtering results?

Is it possible to setup a variable field(logged user) or field conected to logged user

Thanks for your explanation.