How to filter for a logged-in user when this field is a rollup field from another table

Case: I have users.
Table 1: jobs, the jobs are connected to recruiters (users).
Table 2: candidates: the candidates are connected to table one through a roll-up for users/recruiters.

What I want to do is show a table component with My candidates (so all candidates connected to the current logged-in recruiter, through the jobs). I cannot filter this component by using the roll-up field, as the option is not shown for this field to filter for the logged-in user.

Is there a work-around - or a better way?

Possibilities in table 2:

Possibilities in table 1:

Hey @Peter,

There are two options here, as shown in our Data Source Filtering Document.

I’ll demonstrate them with your specific example in the following video.

Hi Chem, thanks for the explanation. I have learned from it.

Alas I have a user connected to a job, not a job connected to a user, as you explained it. So I have to rebuild it, in such a way that I don’t disturb how the current application is functioning. It is indeed a 1 to many, so 1 user/recruiter should be connected to several jobs.

Thanks for your thoughts

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