How to Format text as hyperlink after rollup a field from another table

Table 1: accounts - with a field for a website link
Table 2: Jobs - linked to an account.
Display the website URL of the account in the details page of job as a hyperlink
Use a rollup in table 2 for the website URL
The Rollup field does not let you chose URL fields (link fields), because it is not showing in the dropdown of fields to chose from

  1. Make a textfield of the website URL by using an equation - this in the first account table
  2. Use a Rollup to import the textfield with the URL to the second table

How do I change the textfield of the rollup in a hyperlink to be displayed in the details page as a hyperlink.

Hi Peter

Just a thought. Have you tried simply adding a new line and component to your Jobs Details page and in that page show a detail view of the single field you want (URL) in the linked Accounts table?

If that won’t work for you. Then the route I have chosen a few times is to create a full HTML link in a new Equation field type and use concat(‘<a href="’,{your link},‘">Link<\a>’)

The {your link} field would ideally be using the connection and getting it direct from accounts table… BUT complex equations can’t do that (yet ??).

So its necessary to bring in a text version of the URL into the Jobs table using a new Text Formula field you’d have to create in Jobs.
I hope that makes sense and is helpful

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Thanks. A solution can be simple :smiley:
That with the account details page worked well. It even did fit in the layout.

The solution with the equation field did not work. The application wanted to open a file with that link constructed in the equation.