How to I group items in a table view by a connected field?

I have a table containing due dates. These due dates are connected to another table, listing assets. I would like to present a table view showing the due dates by asset. I tried using the “Groups” and “Add New Group” using the “Connected Field” value of the asset table (name of the asset). However, this only displays one group with no name. The asset names are shown correctly in the table. However it won’t group by asset name.

Is it a bug? Is there a workaround?

Ivan can you provide some screenshots of what you attempted to group?


You can try a workaround adding a text field in the due date table calle i.e. asset text. Then create a create/edit rule, setting asset text to the connected value of the asset name (in the asset table). You can now group the due date table per asset text.

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