How to show when was the last update from

I would like to update in my app the last time a specific scenario ran on and the log of that run.

How should I do it?

Hey @lior !

Forgive the crude screenshot here but to do this, create a date/time field in your app and call it something like “Last Update by Make”

In your scenario, pass the value of “now” to this date/time field using an Update Record module.

Thanks Tim although this solution solves only part of the problem…

I’m using the “Watch subscription” trigger which runs every 15 minutes. Basically I want to know each time it runs. In case that it won’t fetch a new subscription the scenario will stop there and then the timestamp in your solution won’t be recorded (right?).
Also, in case there will be an error with the scenario’s run I wish to be aware and get the log of it.

Any good idea how to solve it?

Also, can I update an App variable? adding a new row every 15 minutes will be a waste of data…