How to use parent value to filter second details page? Reference back parent page

Hi @moe , I am not able to correctly figure out connections

i want to implement the below scenario

I have order of customers which will be packed into packages(order table has customer connection)

The packages can have variants (that is colors) and package can only have one customer so I opened a customer connection. I opened packages child entry table having variants entries linking to parent package. This package will be linked to a shipment date having shipment date connection in the packages table.

The part I am not able to figure out:

If I open a new page having shipment date table component

then I open a details page and add related table for customers connected through packages table which is connected to export table.

Once I get customers list for that shipment date

I want to have a page where I can click on the customer for that shipment date and have only packages linked to that customer and for that filtered export data for which I clicked on first

Now if I open a details page of customer after getting customers list through shipment page it loops back and shows all the packages despite not linked to the original shipment data. I cannot use the filter using this page value as customers details page does not have shipment date.

How do I preserve export shipment date when I click on customer details page and show only packages related to that customer and that shipment date?