Importing Records

Are there any suggestions on the best way to speed up the import process when there are thousands of records? For example, does sorting the columns help? Is there a recommendation for the maximum number of rows and columns and/or file size? Thanks!

Importing records is very highly dependent on the types of records you’re importing. Importing 100K records without any connection matching will be a few seconds. Every connection field added as a column adds a substantial amount of time to the import process.

If you’re just importing under 10K cells (for example, 1000 rows X 10 columns), you can also use copy and paste. this runs in realtime vs behind the scenes.

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@moe Hello. I’m trying to import about 38,000 records into a table. I uploaded the CSV and clicked Next, and now it just says “processing” … been at this stage for maybe 40 minutes or so. I assume the next stage I will be matching fields with columns.

I understand that the actual import could take some time, with a lot of records and each has two simple connections. But should the setup process for the import also take a long time. Not sure if I did something wrong, or something else is up. Doesn’t seem to be a way to cancel it either. Thanks for any help!!!
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Hey Dave!

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That part shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Can you open a support ticket with the app details and I’ll take a look?

@moe Thanks, I just submitted a ticket. Tried it a couple more times with the same result. Also generated the CSV from Google Sheets just to do, but nope.

I forgot to put this in the support ticket, but the account is under:; the app is: Medical Billing Audits; and the table is Cases. I did successfully import the Agency table, but it was only 50+/- records.

Thanks -Dave