Increase record limit (table display into PDF Page)


This table has 25 records, but it only shows 10 when i printed it. There is any chance to increase the limit of records showns?

Like This


Hi @sega_cr

The settings for record limits on a PDF are located within the components of your PDF. Here’s an example of where you can find them.

Hi, I have the same issue. No matter what settings I try, the maximum records in a component (Table, list, etc) in a pdf is 10.

@sega_cr and @avralex,

Can you try changing the PDF record limit to “Limited Records” and for the number value, pick something like 1000?

Hi @tim.young,

I tried this and it did not solve the issue. I have discussed this issue with support maybe 6 months ago, but they did not have a solution .

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Any resolution to this? PDFs are not printing more than 10 records and its really impacting my business.

@moe @Chem
Hopefully there can be some resolution to this issue with PDFs not printing more than 10 records. Its been since June of last year and it appears the issue remains.

I was able to work around this after trying again to set the limited records to a higher number. Must not have saved it the first time. Seems there is a bug.