Integration with Highcharts

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I wanted to give a special thank you to @ashnil for helping me out with the integration process for Google Charts. Ashnil provided a lot of guidance on specific JS that I am not good with. THANK YOU.

As we explored further into Google Charts, the “material” version of Google Chart has a lot of limitations which have not been resolved for over 5 years. With that, the limitations have proved that the product isn’t robust enough for my application needs.

After conducting some research, I found a potential option of using Highcharts. This can be used without having to purchase a license or if you’d like a fully white labeled chart you can purchase a one time fee license.

Would anyone that has much better Javascript knowledge than I, be willing to provide any guidance on how to integrate Highcharts into a Tadabase application?

Many thanks in advance,

cc: @Lee

I also want to do this

I see this is a old post but i have successfully added a highchart to one of my pages. The nice thing about highcharts is, that is what tadabase currently uses for teir chart component so no license or libraries are needed.

If you guys are still interested in how i did this, let me know and ill post a few screenshots

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