Integromat Custom Pipe

Hi there! Does anyone have an example of a functioning custom pipe with Integromat? I’m trying to kick off scenarios based on specific actions taken in Tadabase (like a Status update). The current automations are limited to record create or update, and that doesn’t really suit my use case, which needs to trigger only on certain types of record updates, and only once (i.e. not every time the record is updated forever).

So I’d like to create a custom Integromat pipe that sends the table and record IDs (global parameters) and any number of other fields (like status). I would then fire this custom pipe upon certain actions in my app. Hope this makes sense, and would love some guidance here!

Hey @Glen,

Just curious, what about using Integromat’s mail hook and fire it from an email within a form or action link? When I’m looking for finite control, I usually use that method.

If not, just let me know :grinning:


Interesting suggestion, thank you! I’ll test that out

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@Glen I think we helped you resolve the Integromat Pipe last week. Please let me know if there’s any other issues you have with it.


This was a great idea! For a while now, I’ve been looking for a way to trigger an automation when I do something SPECIFIC (vs just any record change). The Mailhook finally let’s me do that (kinda). Huge thanks, @tim.young!!

You got it @Glen :+1:

Happy to help!