Integromat Record Update

I am trying to update a record via Integromat.

My scenario works fine. However when I want to update a number field with a new value of 0 the update fails, any other value succeeds?

Any advice?

Hey @mvandyk, welcome to the community!

It’s been a little while since I’ve used Integromat but I’m pretty sure you have to send a blank value to a number field.

Give that a try and let me know. I’ll try to test this as well.

Hi Tim, thanks for reply. Blank value returns the same error.

I can enter ant value except when trying to zero the number field (o or blank)

Ok, I’ll have to test this. Just to be sure, does the scenario give you an error or the field just doesn’t update in Tadabase?

I get a error

[400] Bad Request

Its not urgent. In my case the result does not need to be 0 exactly, just less than 5, I therefore set the number to one if the value is zero to bypass this problem for now.

I just tested and I can’t get it to work either. I tried a bunch of different thing but it failed every time. It definitely has something to do with how Tadabase handles zeros in the number fields.

Thanks Tim, at least for the app Im creating the value does not need to be 0 exactly and I could bypass for now. But in apps you want to set value to zero it is a problem.

I’ve had this same problem with Integromat. I did something similar to what @mvandyk did, I set the value to 0.00000000001 and then it works, my field was a currency field. It seemed to do the trick.

Thanks Cam. I tried this on a regular number field and it worked with a little tweak to the field itself.

@mvandyk if you set your number field to a have a decimal place of 1 or 2 and then set the value in Integromat to one additional decimal place like 0.01 or 0.001 respectively.

It’s definitely an issue with the number field itself. I know it’s been suggested in the past to allow number fields to hold a value of 0. That would fix this issue.