Is it possible to import a csv file which is stored in a datatable?

Hi all,

I can store csv files in a datatable of tadabase, but I can not figure out how to read the content.
The content is meant for an other table. I would like to automate the download and import the data.

Any one an idea how I can get the content imported?

Kind Regards,
Richard Hilgen

Hi @Richard, welcome to the community!

Can you clarify your question for me? Are you trying to save a CSV to a record or import the content from a CSV into a data table?

Hi @tim.young,

Thanks for your reply!

And yes I store a file in a datatable a would like to have it processed, so that the content is read in an other datatable.

So I store the file via the API in the ‘files’ datatable. Is it possible to have it processed into another datatable via a defined import template?

I hope it is more clear now. Otherwise please let me know.