Joins on related fields

One area that I’m finding a little confusing is the use of join on related fields in a table.

Let’s say you have a “Contacts” table with two fields of First Name and Last Name. The second table is “Property” with one field of Address.

In my “Property” table I’m going to Join to the “Contacts” table on the First Name field, I also want to show the Last Name field.

In the UX when a Property record is joined to a Contact by first name, it should automatically add the Last Name of the same record.

Does this make sense? Am I thinking about the process properly?

@fly - we would consider this a connected field. For example, when you’re displayed the Property table, you’ll see an option called “Connected Fields” you can add any value from the Contacts table. It will map each Property to other fields in the contacts table and show it inside the Properties table.

Contacts Table:

Property Table

Properties Data Table:

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Alright, makes sense. Rather than display related fields in the database (which ultimately just adds data), we should perform lookups through the connected field for additional related fields, right?

I do understand the display within the front-end tables.