Keeping API token alive?

One of my integrations utilizes an Session ID with a 3 minute shelf life, which is reset each time an action is performed. We will not need this connection alive at all times, but I would like to create a sort of play/pause for use, when we need it (or start on login and passively keep alive). In my Users database, I have added fields to store each users unique SID, as well as the time it was last received (token time). I want to create an action to automatically send a command every time the ‘token time’ hits 2 minutes in age, for example.
Right now I just have a database for “API logins” that stores the time, what platform, and who executed the command. Completing the form creates the record of the “API login” and triggers the pipe to complete the request (exchanges permanent ‘token’ from logged in User record, receives 3 minute SID, updates User record with SID and time stamp).