Leading zero being removed from text or zip code field

I have a text field associated with a zip code in my data table. The zip code might be 02330. Even thought its a text field, it will remove the zeros from this zip code leaving me with 2330. This should not be happening on a text field or an address field type with a zip code.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to resolve this?

Can someone please help? This is happening for both text fields and zip code fields. The leading zero is being removed and this is obviously a bug. 08460 automatically changes to 8460

@Chem @moe

Hello, we have had the same issue with text fields but at the end it appears to be a result of importing data from CSV and messed up in excel. If you have not imported the data I can`t be of much help. For records created in Tadabase we do not have the issue at the moment.