Let each user enter different data

How can I make it so that each user that logs in can only see their own data, add new data, and see the charts of their data?

I only want them to be able to see their own, does there need to be a different database for each user or can it log who creates what records and only show it to them if they created it?

Hi @jackdonnell96, welcome to the community!

Here is a good article on our Support Docs that cover Users, where the User records are held, how to create and edit Users, and assign User Roles.

I would also suggest looking through this article as well as it describes Data Components and how to add them to a page and utilize their individual features. I should mention that the support docs are very thorough and can be very informative to read through.

If you’d like, I can make a walkthrough video for you tomorrow that will show you how to accomplish exactly what you’re asking. Just let me know and I’ll be happy to help :grinning: