Link from an Action to a 3rd level page

I have an Action Link that I want to forward to an already created page within my App. However the ‘Page’ I want to forward to is not in the list of pages that are available for me to select.

It seems the selections offered are 1st and 2 level pages (ie: sub pages) , whereas the page I want to forward to is a 3rd level (ie: the sub page of a sub page).

I am hoping that there is some smart way of doing this as teh alternative is to do some considerable rework of existing pages with lots of display settings, rules and links

@tim.young suggested I tag you @moe for some advise

Hey @mtif

Here’s some older code that was used before Action Links had the ability to redirect natively. Perhaps this is useful for now:

Wow, thats great, and yes I can get that to work. Thanks @tim.young and @Chem for the original work.

I looked at the solution in detail, and realised that the ‘action’ in the example is fired from a record list table. In my case the action is from a detail page, which as a different format.

I can see the the code is specifically searching for some table elements and replacing them, but no table exists in a detail view. And I can’t see how to adjust the code to work.

I can see another user had the same request back in 2021 but their was no solution.

So I wonder @tim.young or @chem whether you could suggest what changes I would need to make to reference an action in details page?