Loading spinner off center

Is it just me or is the loading spinner off-center? I have corrected this on one of my apps by using the following CSS but the origin CSS loads the spinner off-center for a second before this code kicks in.

Here’s the css if any one is interested:

#root-loading-icon > div { margin: -25px 0 0 -65px; }

Keep in mind this is for my spinner so you may need to adjust the margin for yours.

Is this happening in all your apps? Maybe I need some glasses lol, I never noticed it before.

Yes this happens in all my apps, weird hey!

It’s easier to notice on a mobile device, here is a screen shot of one of my apps that I didn’t adjust

Yikes! :exploding_head:

I’m gonna look into why that is.

Having it off center like that probably causing your users to try and scroll to the center lol, that’s what I would feel the need to do.

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I fully realize how not helpful this is, just wanted to say nice Tesla. Which one?

Haha! Good eye Tim, 2021 Model Y, just got it in November.