Make connection fields work with "Get value from URL"

It would be very helpful in some of my applications for this function to work. Often times I need the connection field pre-filled on detail/edit pages so that some of the pipes and filters work without having to reselect the current child pages field again.

Let me know if I need to elaborate on this. It’s a complex function that I am trying to use and will take some time to explain and I don’t have the brain capacity right to spell it out :crazy_face:

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@SuiteUpstairs The only we might be able to make this work is if you use the Reocrd ID as the URL field. Would that help you or were you looking to pass the display field value?

I think it would help because the things I’m trying to do are mostly on detail pages where the connection field has already been selected and I’m working with children of children so it gets tricky. I can describe a scenario if you like, just to explain things better.