Map component, add starting position on and for map

I have used the map component to show clients we are actively recruiting for. 90% is in the Netherlands, 3% in Switzerland and 7% in India.
So what happens if you use the map component is that it starts up in Syria (zoom 8), which is in the middle between the Netherlands and India.
So it takes probably the 2 furthest addresses (my theory) and then put the centre of the map in the middle of those 2 addresses.
This is not the expected result for me, and it confused me:

  1. It would be better if it took the middle of the weight of the addresses, so with 90% in the Netherlands the map would still open in the Netherlands, although slightly skewed.
    Because of skewed at 1, 2 might be better
  2. add the possibility to the component that you can fill in the longitude and latitude of where you would like the map to be opened.

Thanks for considering.