Max No of fields in a table

I’m trying to understand how the number of fields in a table in the data builder might affect performance. Is there a limit for best practices?

Say, i have built a table on the page which shows the user 4 columns. Are only the fields in these 4 columns loaded from the server to the page or does TB load all fields in the table.

I have a table (products) which could have 114 fields. I have split these fields in to a header table with common fields and then 4 connected tables with fields specific to that product type only, all on a one to one connection. or, can i have 114 fields in a table?

Could any of the team at Tadabase answer this question. I guess it makes up quite an important part of the design of the app.

If i can put all of the fields in 1 table then that makes life easier for editing records but i feel that a record set of that size will slow the performance of the app.

Hi Richard!

You absolutely can put all fields, the platform can handle it!

We have users that max out the “field numbers allowed” in a data table and use them all on page side. Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Perfect, thank you @Megan its going to make life much easier.