More Product Updates

Some additional product updates:

CSS Classes in Cards
We’ve added a minor update to the Cards Component with unique classes to each part of the card to make custom themes easier to create. Support documentation for creating custom themes soon to come.

Image Format for Link and File Fields
With so many users storing images in the file and link fields, we’ve updated these fields with a new option to make displaying images easier. When using a Link or File field, you can now customize the display to an image so it appears as an image by default.

Meta Tags (SEO) Updates
You can now customize individual pages and add custom Name and Property tags to your site. Also, when disabling the Fragmented URL, you can add app-wide tags to be applied to all pages.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Google Verification - add a tag requested by Google to verify your domain
  • Open Graph - Add custom tags that can be used for unfurling a domain name among other such benefits
  • SEO - Add custom Keyword, description, or other SEO-friendly tags to your site.

Coming soon you’ll be able to set custom values on detail pages based on the current page’s record.

Raw HTML Variables in Emails
You can now add Raw HTML variables inside emails similarly to how you add them in HTML components. For example, when adding an address field you can select just a part of the address like so: {!!Address.state!!}

Please see this link for more details on adding raw variables.

This makes so much sense. I did this on so many apps and use all kinds of work arounds to display the image. Do me a favor and don’t post that update publicly so I don’t have to go back through apps and change it all :joy:

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