Multi-Images on (natively ) or Using Eledo

I am building a Health and Safety app for a client.
I have successfully setup Integromat with eledo to create dynamic H&S statements. All good.

I also need to create a PDF version of the audit reports. I tried using the native PDF component but I need to be able to display multiple photos that were taken throughout the audit (and stored in the Files field). I believe this is not currently possible with the current native tadabase pdf component ?

Therefore I am attempting to again use Integromat with Eledo. I have no experience dealing with multiple images so I guess I will need some kind of an array and iterator to parse through this array.

However before I even get that far I can’t seem to pass the Files field to Integromat - all the other fields in my Audit Report table are showing up in integromat but not the Files field.

Anybody throw some light on this please ?

OR is there an easier way to produce a PDF with multiple images ?