Multiple Pictures with an order

So I have an app that I want to be able to do some customizations to the pictures. Example: When I add 6 or 7 pictures to a record, I want to put those pictures on a PDF document but I want to be able to set the order that those pictures show on the document and have a comment below each picture. The record could have anywhere from 2 pictures to 30 pictures.

Hey @bradenal, great question!

When adding multiple images to one Attachments field, it’s impossible to display them in a specific order in a PDF. However, you can create a connected table with an Attachments field limited to one photo and a number field. Then, set up the connected “Pictures” table to display photos in order of the number field using the Sort By option in the Data Source.

Here’s a quick video demo for you: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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