Multistep Signup page

Hi Sorry,

I am new to the signup process.

I would like to have a two step signup.

1, the normal (easy)
2. New subscriber selects the Complex he lives in, then the Unit Number.

I created 3 tables users, complex and numbers.
In Users I have added a connection to Complex and a Connection to number.
Complex also have a one to many connection to Complex.

During Step two I am able to select a Complex, I however do not know how to only disply the Numbers linked to the Complex selected as a option?

Any assitance appreciated.

Do you have a connection from complex number to the complex? If you do on your form you can change it to only show the records connected to this forms complexes.

Thanks, I have made a plan yes. I was not sure on how to manage the connections and realized that it has a influence.

Based on your use case you can also filter unit numbers based on the status of the units. (IE if they are occupied or unavailable) Depending on the complexity of what you are tying to accomplish there are several ways to control options and selection data.

What you are initially looking for is what is called a dependent drop-down.

Dependent drop-downs
Dependent Drop-downs refer to when a field’s drop-down list of options are filtered by values from another connected field on the form.

For instance, say you want to track all your customers’ cars including the car make (Ford, Audi, BMW, etc.) and the car model (M5, TT, F150, etc.). You create a form for users to input their car make and model, and instead of using text fields which require users to enter this information, you use drop-down fields on the form in order to allow users to simply select their car make and model from the drop-down lists.

The Problem: If a user adds a BMW car make, there’s no need for that user to then see options for car models belonging to an Audi or Ferrari.

The Solution: Using Dependent Drop-downs

Dependent drop-downs allow users to see only certain drop-down options based on the selection they made within another connected field:

Thank you, that works in a separate process yes. I however struggled to integrate it in the existing signup solution?

I made a work around, creating my user with a Role 1stregistration, then at 1st signon the user gets step two before I set him to Subscriber Role.


Hi @mvandyk,

Would you be able to take a screenshot of your table connection graph and share it here?

Thanks @mvandyk.

Curious about why you are storing the User’s address outside of the Users Data Table. Any info you have for that would be helpful.

How have you set up the multiple steps? Is Step 1 the normal sign up form? What did you build to handle Step 2?