New Page Rule and Table Rule

Dear Tadabase Team
I really appreciate the improvements to the builder that have been recently released

However, I find that the new page rule and table rule is not very practical from a developer point of view.

Now we need to click too many places to view the details of each rule. The previous page layout was much better to read and to create rules.

Sorry, but could this be reverted or improved?

I need to be able to view the detail of the rules without having to click on them.


In addition, since the update to the page rules and table rules I am finding very difficult to understand the configuration.
Some rules appear to be missing configuration
Some rules don’t appear to be correct
I can’t simply start updating these as this is a live system

Your assistance will be very much appreciated

Can you elaborate a bit on what settings and configurations seem not be showing up correctly?

We would love to improve it in order to increase readability and efficiency for the user. Any suggestions are welcome!

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