Official implementation of Tabs as a component

Hello again!

Another idea came to mind this morning…

I love these tabs -"tabs"-to-your-app#bkmrk-page-title

I think they’re incredibly useful in organization and UX. What do you think about officially baking them into Tadabase as a component that can be added and customized from the builder?


This is indeed a great idea and being that nearly all of the more complicated apps on Tadabase are using this, its something we should and will implement (eventually).

We looked into this a few months back and so far haven’t been able to do it because of the way our page builder is structured. After we finish our core features we will revisit this and it will be done with a new and refreshed builder which will mimic the front-end with live data.

In summary, we very much agree with this feature and will implement it but realistically it won’t be until at least January 2021. Being that there is a workaround (although messy), we have more critical things to implement/fix.