Pack 4 buttons in single cell of data component?

as topic, is it possible to do this?

@Black, you’re looking to simply place 4 unique action links one on top of another inside a single cell of a table?

yes, 1 cell for 4 action button
for example:

pack “add expense” , “expense details” , “collect payment” into one cell

Just curious as to why? Are you looking to save space?

yes, want to save space and client can use 1 click to action . ( Drop down box need 2 clicks)

I can’t think of a way to do this. Unless you write a whole bunch of JS. This likely is not something we will offer as a feature, not anytime in the near future. Each action link has too many other variables and options that go into it and its required for it to be inside its own cell.

It would be cool to have an “Actions Button” that essentially would drop down a list of clickable actions/tasks you might have in that cell. This would really save a lot of room on the tables.


yes, this should be a great way to solve my problem !