Page Builder Comment Component

It would be cool to have a component that is only visible in the page builder where we can leave coding or workflow comments that aren’t available or visible on the front-end.

@SuiteUpstairs what about using a HTML System Component and adding whatever you want to the source code with the HTML tags (Start:<!—, End:—>) to hide it? Would that work for your purpose?

The problem with doing it this way is it is still accessible on the front-end if you inspect the page.

The nice thing about having a component for commenting in the backend is they could maybe design it so the it is more like an alert banner so it sticks out from the other components

I have used an html component for notes on a separate row and then created a notes role and secured that row to only that role but that is a bit of work and doesnt stand out as much.

@SuiteUpstairs This is a great idea.

Will discuss this internally and see what we can do about this.

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