PDF Forms - Ability to update the associated PDF File

Firstly, I just want to say well done on such a nice implementation of PDF Forms, really neat and now the early Alpha anomalies are ironed out its working really nicely for me.

I have found a little issue, not a technical one, but something that creates a lot of “unnecessary” work.

I’m building out my forms and placing all the fields on the form with precision. My latest form will have in excess of 100 fields placed on it. Each field has it’s attributes modified so it’s really time consuming getting it just right.

If I need to change the design of the underlying PDF, I have to setup the revision all over again and I can’t just simply replace the PDF file with another PDF. As you will appreciate when you work with clients, you often provide a number of revisions along the way until they sign-off the final design.

Could you please consider allowing the designer to change the PDF file please?

Many thanks,

Graham. @moe

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@Sara can we look into this?

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@GREDDIE, thank you for the feedback!
We’ll definitely prioritize this feature idea.

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@Sara @moe amazing thanks that would be a great :+1: