PDF Forms Preview

In our support channels and in several posts on the community I’ve seen questions about PDF updates. I wanted to make a very quick video to demonstrate what’s coming in a few days as far as PDF Forms.

See the video below.

Please keep in mind this functionality is not meant for creating PDF Reports, its mainly for filling values from a single record inside of a PDF.


Beautiful, should we expect an announcement in the community when it’s ready?

Yes, we’ll announce it here and roll it out over time.

Hey @Moe, that’s really fantastic! This is going to be very useful thank you.

You’ve shared with us in the past that you’re partnering with Eledo for the PDF conversion engine. I noticed that they supports line items in their HTML templates. I appreciate that what you’ve demonstrated is different as it’s a single PDF document rather than an HTML template but I wondered if you’re able to comment whether line items will be support in your implementation or what approach is best for line item based documents?


That ability will come as v2 of what’s seen above. Our initial roll out will be for single records as PDFs.


Hi Moe,

It looks grate. It make us able to gerenate a PDF from one record (really useful). Woulbe be so powerfull if we can make our templates in excel with hashtags where we can paste the info from the fields, as Kizeo Forms app works, because it could solve the problem of automatically adjust the width and length of the cells where we put the info. So you can generate a PDF standar from this excel on a next step.

Please don’t forget that we need to export a PDF and still keep the current PDF idea , cuz we need put into PDF a table with pagination (in different pages), put a header, etc.

I hope you consider the length and width problem we could have as I mentioned!

Thanks a lot tadabase’s team!

That looks great!

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to fill out pdf’s when we have data that spans 3-4 tables, all with connections in various directions.

Would it make any sense to create a “Master” datatable and push all of the data there? Then we would be able to run reports, create pdfs, etc from one spot?

Excellent! This is going to save me a good number of integromat scenarios. Native features like this are strong!

We are in the process of slowly rolling this out. Pricing and plan availability is still to be determined.

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Fingers crossed this falls into my plan - its something I would use for sure. I already do it for a number of apps with Eledo and Integromat, having it Native would be something else and allow a few migrations to TB

Do we know yet when this functionality will be ready? I note the post was Feb 18th - was hoping it would be available pretty soon??

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I’ve enabled it for your account. Would love to hear any feedback you may have.

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Awesome - I actually have a case use for it right now! I was literally just building using the Alpha PDF
but cant get a signature field to show at full size in the PDF (table column) so will look properly in the morning.

Awesome, would love to hear any feedback you may have. It’s enabled in your account as well.

That is a game changer for me!! I have so many government forms to fill in it will change my life :smiley:

Hi Moe,

Can I have it too?

@avralex of course. I enabled it for your account.

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Since we are asking… I would love to be able to test this as well.

Sure thing! Enabled.

Hey @moe, would you like us to provide you feedback on this thread? Thanks for enabling on my account!