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So far so good, it’s working brilliantly. Just one thing, the tick boxes within the filled in pdf form have become very small and are not responding to any formatting applied to it. I’m sure you’re working on it as there are small changes every day but just thought you’d want to know.

I agree, I have used it in 3 instances now and it is an excellent feature - any refinements can only make things better. A request I have put into @moe is if there is a way to populate a form from many fields - e.g. select many records in a table and action link button.

I know in theory this can be done with the current PDF (in alpha) feature but I have a couple of customers on another platform who have to use original format forms - their client wont accept carbon copies!

@sega_cr, sure thing, enabled.

I have noticed that the form fields size and position in the builder does not seem to place everything where you want it in the final PDF. Is there a trick? For instance, I have placed a field in the middle of a PDF Page and when it’s rendered the field data is moved completely to the left hand margin of the PDF. The positioning of the elements doesn’t seem to be trued up.

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You can use the size and position box to change the location of the entries but it seems to have been playing up over the last few days. I’ve noticed a couple of changes within the data builder so no doubt its being worked on as we speak but I too am having problems with the sizing and positioning of ticks etc in that they are very small and barely visible and aren’t positioned correctly on the pdf form. Let’s hope it’s not too long before it gets sorted. I’m very happy with the results other than that.

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It’s enabled @Ashley

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I’m jumping on this band wagon too! @moe, when ever you have moment, please add me as well :grinning:

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This is now enabled for everyone.

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Hi @moe, loving the new feature but I am having an issue with the placement of the text fields. As you can see by my attached example, the text fields are shifting over the the left margin of my PDF document. This only happens in this section of the PDF. Any ideas as to why? When I am in the builder they are located in the correct p


Hi @moe / @frinksterj,

In my testing the positioning works as long as you don’t change the size of the text box.

This is the text box positioned with the default size…

This is the text box lengthened …

and this is the output on the page (a blank PDF)

useful to know if you don’t need to alter the default size :slight_smile:


Thanks @GREDDIE, I can confirm you are correct regarding the positioning issue. I was able to replicate the same. Much appreciated.

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Has anyone tried to add the Fill a PDF Action to an edit form. I am currently attempting to add the Action Rule to one of my edit forms. When I do, the action button does not generate a PDF Document. I can get it working just fine using an Action Field in a table.

This is a known feature limitation that we’re working on soon. Right now it only works in Table component.

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