Pipe API parameters values from connected records


Is there a way to inject the values of a connected fields into a Pipe parameters?

Yes, I have done this on one of my apps. Can you give me a little more info on what you are trying to do?

Say I have Table A(field-1, field-2, connected-Field-3). connected-Field-3 connects to table B(field-1, field-2)

Basically, I displayed table A to the client (Grid) and I added an Action Button on each record. When the client clicks on the Button of a given record, I call an API. This API requires the value field-1 from Table A and field-2 from the connected field of that record. Tadabase doesn’t show the values of the fields of the connected record among the choices I can send from the record value.

Thank you

Hi @hussein,

Selecting the connection field from the record with the action link will send the record ID of that connection, but in order to get any additional fields from a connected data table, you would need a separate API call.