Pipe API parameters values from connected records


Is there a way to inject the values of a connected fields into a Pipe parameters?

Yes, I have done this on one of my apps. Can you give me a little more info on what you are trying to do?

Say I have Table A(field-1, field-2, connected-Field-3). connected-Field-3 connects to table B(field-1, field-2)

Basically, I displayed table A to the client (Grid) and I added an Action Button on each record. When the client clicks on the Button of a given record, I call an API. This API requires the value field-1 from Table A and field-2 from the connected field of that record. Tadabase doesn’t show the values of the fields of the connected record among the choices I can send from the record value.

Thank you

Hi @hussein,

Selecting the connection field from the record with the action link will send the record ID of that connection, but in order to get any additional fields from a connected data table, you would need a separate API call.

This is a serious limitation that needs to be addressed. Most pipe calls are going to require all data to be accessible for that same API call. Running a separate API call is not feasible. The only alternative is the populate every value you need from the connected record into the table you are sending to the pipe and this is totally impractical and defeats the purpose of connected records.

I’m happy to let you know that this is now on our roadmap.