Pipe "Record Utilities" to be updated to allow the header inclusion to disable equations

Hi @Sara @moe , Would it be possible / practical to get the Tadabase Pipe “Record Utilities” updated so that the Duplicate child calls could be modified to include the header
X-Tadabase-Update-Equation =0 ?

I ask because I see on the community forum that several of us are experiencing inconsistent results with these duplicate pipe calls and it works sometimes but not consistently which may suggest our implementation is correct but I wondered if a timeout could be happening caused by equations running? In my testing I can get these calls to work on a basic blank app with a set of small simple records but in my real app which has a lot more going on with rules and equations it’s not copying the child records. I’d hoped to be able to implement the above in the header to see if that helped but I can’t as that specific set of pipe calls don’t permit header additions. Perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree but I thought it might be worth a bash… any thoughts?

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Great idea! Will be added next week.

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That would be amazing happy to test and report back :+1:

Hi @moe I was delighted to see a post on the Tadabase Tuesday that this was indeed updated by the dev team a few weeks ago. Is there any news on the release of this please?

I thought this was already published.

I’ll let @Sara chime in with the details.

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Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, this has been updated.
You can set this option in the Global Parameters tab.
You may need to reinstall the pipe to see the latest updates.
Please let me know if this resolves the issue you were experiencing.

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Hey @Sara many thanks for this :+1: