Pivot table formatting

The pivot table is an awesome new feature.
I would like to suggest that you add the same options as in a regular table:

Display Name
Record Limit
Show pagination
Field display rules and formatting.




Any suggestion about how can we give a style to a pivot table while we wait for a formatting option?

For example, I need to color a specific columns.


Hey @sergiohidalgo

You may use some CSS code to do this for the time being.

Before adding the CSS, we will need to add a CSS class to the Pivot Table as shown in the image below.

For this example, I’ve called the CSS class “my-pivot-table”

Then, on the CSS section of that page, you may add the following.

.my-pivot-table table td:nth-child(1){
    background-color:red; /* Background Color */
    color:white; /* Text Color */
.my-pivot-table table td:nth-child(2){
    background-color:blue; /* Background Color */
    color:white; /* Text Color */
.my-pivot-table table td:nth-child(3){
    background-color:green; /* Background Color */
    color:white; /* Text Color */

Here’s how this ends up looking.

Feel free to change the number in nth-child(X) to the column number you would like to target and the colors.