Prefix & Suffix along with padding on the Auto Increment Field


I would like to be able to set a Prefix such as “COM-” and maybe even a Suffix as well such as " (Today(),dd/mm/yyyy)" and a padding so we then get an output of “COM-001234 (24/09/2021)” without having to have a field for the Prefix/a field for the Suffix/a field for the Auto increment/a field to combine them all and use.



Hi Dan,

My reply to this post might help you. You can prepend “COM-” in your equation as a string.

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@Henry is correct. An equation field would be best, specifically a CONCAT or CONCAT_WS will work.


Hi Guys,

Yes I see you could now add text in the Formula Field (I don’t recall that being an option when I last used Tadabase hence the 3 fields solution) so I had done that and reduced it to 2 fields but I would still like it to be 1.

I still then need to do some math to keep the leading zero’s so 000001 when the Auto Increment just gives 1 plus add the static text (Not tested if I can do both of these in a Text Formula Field or if a Number one is needed and then if so if that can handle text, I will look later.

So with a basic number field I could make a currency field by adding the prefix as the £/$, settings the padding, decimals, etc. or make it a distance field with mm/cm as the suffix so rather than have multiple pre-defined field types in the Tadabase dropdown there is one for number, one for text and then we can set it to suit and in the same was with the Auto Increment (Or just have it also in the one Number field with an option to Auto Increment).