Preview Images and files

I make use of images that users can download.
If I use DropBox to store the image, users can download the image, but they can’t have a preview like popups in tables.
If I use TB storage they cannot download.

Question: Is there a way to

  1. upload (with a single step) both data, both the file in DropBox and the image in TB?
  2. or and it would be preferable, upload an image in TB and download?

Or, is there any update on this?

Other questions about pictures:

  1. are they stored in their original resolution or reduced?
  2. I use taking photos from an android device, I have numerous steps before I can take the photo:
  • Upload button
    – select file
    is there a trick to reduce the steps?

Hi @DanioA-

  • Files are stored in original size/resolution using the Cloudinary interface.
  • I am not aware of any workarounds to go directly to the camera upload option. However, it appears that some javascript may be possible according to Cloudinary’s website (


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