Problem: filters cleared when I switch views

This pertains to a billing and invoicing database. For purposes of discussion the tables that matter are Line Items and Invoices. On the Line Items table view, I have defined a hard-coded tab that filters for “Uninvoiced” records. But I then have to add an ad hoc filter to find records for a particular client. This is easy to do and it’s nice the way that the ad hoc filter is added to the filter applied by the tab. So far, so good.

The problem comes when, after determining that there are indeed line items for client ABC that need to be invoiced, I switch over to the Invoices table to create the invoice record. When I come back to Line Items, the ad hoc filter has been cleared and I have to redefine it.

Is there a way to make an ad hoc or temporary filter a little “stickier”?

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